2016 Plymouth Superbird Review, Specs, Design, Price

2016 Plymouth Superbird Review, Specs, Design, Price – The 2016 Plymouth Superbird is like a dream come true for the automotive enthusiasts that are craving for a race car. Now, you do not have to be a racer if you want to drive a sport car that has powerful engine under the hood because Plymouth gives you solution about your desire. With the appearance of the new Superbird, Plymouth hopes that the automotive enthusiasts can get their own super car to roam the street without trying to be a NASCAR racer. And it is true that the design of the new Superbird is inspired by the NASCAR model. It has aerodynamic concept with race-car look like.


If you take a look at the picture, you will find out that the brand new Superbird gets longer hood. And now you can see that the exterior gets more changes as well as the interior design. Plymouth believes that this is going to be the main attraction for the automotive enthusiasts that want to buy their own race car and realize their dream to drive faster on the street. So, are you ready to be the center of the attention when you drive with 2016 Plymouth Superbird?


2016 Plymouth Superbird Engine Specs

Under the hood, you will find out a monster that will generate the Superbird. It is Hemi V-8 that capable of producing more than 1,000 horsepower. That’s why the new Plymouth Superbird gets many attentions from the automotive enthusiasts on super car segment. Plymouth planted a Supercharged engine that will make you harder to control the power of this car on the corner. That’s why this variant gets more braking system from Brembo.

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On the long drag circuit, it takes only 5 seconds to reach 100 km per hour! It is not surprising that the Hemi V-8 is called as monster that live under the hood on Superbird. We can not get the exact transmission on this model, but it seems that Plymouth will keep the Tremec 6-speed Transmission that is paired with Rear Wheel Drive system.


2016 Plymouth Superbird Design

As you can see, it has long front hood with small cabin that can contain 2 passengers including the driver. The basic concept of the exterior is aerodynamic with flat and low bodywork. The exterior concept looks fabulous with large rear wing that will not cause air friction so you can drive faster. Plymouth offers 18 inches Alloy Wheels with Performance Tires, and on the gap of the wheels you will find out Red Brembo Brakes that makes the appearance of the 2016 Plymouth Superbird looks dramatic.

The roof is using Panel Moonroof that makes the cabin looks impressive. Meanwhile when you jump on the inside, you will be fascinated with minimalist dashboard kit, sport front seat with heated and cooled air control, and side-to-knee airbags as passive safety system.


2016 Plymouth Superbird Price

The price has not announced yet and this car will be produced for US market only. It is not available in some countries due to its ability that will endanger the pedestrian and people around. That’s why 2016 Plymouth Superbird produced in few units.

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